Many authors who have waited years to be published are quick to submit their works to print – eager to have in hand a physical copy of their toils. At Minds on Fire, we stand out from other quick printing services because we believe that your book is your brand and your reputation. As such, it should be the best representation of you.

Our services and solutions are driven by the need to produce a final product that is high-quality in all aspects and customized to suit your vision and your voice. Each author and each book are treated as unique. We do not believe in one size fits all approaches. These are the foundational tenements of what we do: quality and customization.

Please call for a consultation and discussion of prices.

Manuscript Review

We will review your submitted manuscript, determine areas of improvement and provide an initial assessment of your book’s potential. 

Comprehensive Editing

Inconsistent style, typos and basic errors can greatly distract a reader. Our comprehensive editing service will help you address structure, flow, tone, grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Interior Formatting

A simple word document page cannot be printed directly as a book. Your manuscript will require interior formatting and typography to provide it with a unique look and feel.

Cover Design

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” only works in theory. Your great book will need a great cover. We’ll design a cover for you that captures the essence of the book and attracts readers. 


Putting the nuts and bolts together is one step. Getting the physical copies to your readers is the next. We’ll utilize print-on-demand technology to get you the specific copies you need when you need them.


You have the books and they look beautiful. You are proud. Now what? We can help you with targeted marketing and distribution strategies that can put your work directly into your readers’ hands.