Writing is a labor of love. Putting words to paper comes from a place within our hearts that we often hold dear and sometimes never share. Writing is fulfilling, inspiring, and deeply rewarding, but it can also be difficult, tedious and painful especially when you’re unable to take what you’ve labored over to the audience you seek.  You’ve dug deep into your creative soul and you’ve written your masterpiece – now what?

The publishing landscape in the world is changing with the rapid growth of digital printing and online resources. Authors can now have even more direct access to resources that have been historically limited to an elite few. The advent of print-on-demand (printing only what you need) has broadened the playing field and enabled aspiring writers more economic options for publishing. The rapidly growing digital publishing world is liberating and a field-leveling game changer. Your opportunity is here.

At Minds on Fire Publishing, we exist primarily to help you bring your book to life by providing you access to all the benefits of the new era of digital publishing – both print and ebooks. We have a team of authors, readers, editors, designers, marketers and all the resources you need to share your labor of love the best way you can.

You’ve done the work. Let us do the rest. Happy writing!